A.I. Has Brought the Beatles Back

Things are starting to get real with AI.


OK, Let’s Talk About ChatGPT

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It’s been a while since I last blogged, but today’s topic is so compelling that I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts. I’ve been putting this off for too long 🙂

In this post, I’ll introduce you to ChatGPT, an AI language model that’s making a significant impact on the way we communicate. We’ll explore its inner workings, its relationship with data, and why it doesn’t completely align with the definition of intelligence. Additionally, I’ll offer some tips on how to use ChatGPT effectively, with real-life examples, while discussing its potential applications and limitations.



Amy had to undergo a long surgery this week, which typically lasts 10+ hours and from which one can take months to fully recover.

Never was it so obvious to me the value of community.

We have been surrounded by love – neighbours, friends, family, and coworkers have lined up to offer help. We’ve been receiving ready-to-eat meals at our door for days now.

Amy’s friends (near and far) who have experienced a similar surgery offered advice and care packages for her to take to the hospital and use at home.

We’ve been surrounded by cards, flowers, prayers, and by positive thoughts and kind words from everyone.

I kind of knew this already, but here it goes: a real community is the best way to provide support for fellow human beings.

Receiving a warm lasagna from the hand of a loving friend does much more than a cold cheque from the government. Looking someone in the eye with gratitude is good for the soul. It not only helps the immediate situation, but inspires you pay it forward, to be better, to do better, to deserve the love you have received.

This generates a virtuous cycle of goodness.

People, be there for people.

All of you who have and are helping us right now, thank you. You are wonderful.


Holding the Ladder

While putting up the Christmas lights with my son last weekend, I thought of this analogy.

Leadership and parenting is a lot like holding a ladder.

Eventually you want folks (whether they report to you or look up to you as their parent) to be self-sufficient, resilient, and courageous. You want them empowered to do the work they need to do in the world.

That means at some point you need to stop doing all things for them.

While teaching my kid to hang the Christmas lights, I realized he was unsure about the stability of the ladder, so I held it for him. From that vantage point I could also give him pointers so he could do a good job. And if he lost balance and fell, I’d be there to catch him.

Are you holding the ladder for those you lead? What does that look like for your particular stage in life?


Cat is tired.

From doing absolutely nothing all day.


25 years.

Today is the 25th anniversary of my leaving Brazil. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. But when I look at these photos from around that time, it feels like a century ago. I am a completely different person today. Honestly I like myself better now. There was so much I didn’t know – I didn’t even speak English, the language of my entire life now. Here’s to the next quarter of a century. May we all continue to grow.


Behind every great man

Behind every great man, as it turns out, there are typically numerous great women.


Band name ideas

The kids and I have been working on some band names tonight.

  1. The Screaming Puddles
  2. Pigeon Blubber
  3. Yes It’s Lemonade
  4. Chewable Monkeys
  5. Muscly Cactus
  6. Barefoot Peppers
  7. Fluffy Fan Girls
  8. Chocomonkables
  9. I See Bowls
  10. Sandal Storm

Help us choose one.


Easter pictures through the years (2021)

Every year we try to take a picture on Easter Sunday.