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Day 1 of 2018 Automattic’s Grand Meetup

Follow my adventures in Orlando during Automattic’s 2018 Grand Meetup. This is day 1.

I decided to take a break from social media for 30 days, so instead of sharing pictures and experiences from my annual pilgrimage to Automattic’s Grand Meetup on Instagram and Facebook, I decided to document it in my blog.

After waking up at 3:30AM to catch a 6AM flight in London with a layover in Toronto, I arrived in Orlando shortly after 2PM. There were 6 coworkers on the flight from Toronto, so it was nice to hang out in the terminal.

The whole hotel is decorated for Automattic, and it all feels pretty special!

After checking in and registering and getting my badge, I worked out at the hotel gym, and met 6 other coworkers for mass at the Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe.

After that we joined the welcome part and dinner. I’m looking forward to a great week among my awesome coworkers.

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