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TGIF and exercising

I don’t know why, but I’ve been having bursts of energy at the end of the work day every day, and then again at the end of the week. So Friday afternoons have been very productive for me.

The result of it today is while I was able to check off a number of important things of my to-do (including moving two couches!), I was mostly head down and busy.

I’ve made a commitment to exercise every day for 100 days, and today it wasn’t until 10:30PM that I was able to make good on that commitment. The truth is I was too “done” to go to the gym, and my wife didn’t like my original idea of going for a 30 minute walk out in the slippery ice. So I improvised and did this 30 minute workout:

Every minute, on the minute:

  • 30 seconds of no-jump burpees, 30-second break
  • 30 seconds of squats, 30-second break
  • 30 seconds of plank, 30-second break
  • 30 seconds of push ups, 30-second break
  • 30 seconds of lunges, 30-second break

Repeat until 30 minutes are done.

In the past year or so I fell off the wagon of fitness and put on some weight and lost some of my capacity for cardio. I’m hoping that this challenge I set for myself will get me back on track. Today was day 5 of 100.

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