Automattic, Day 1

Today I start a new phase.

For over a decade I have had one job – in my family business.

It was extremely fulfilling and I learned so, so much. I’ll be forever grateful for my time there, and I would not change a single thing.

Changes in the company and a desire for a new challenge and a change in lifestyle brought me to try for a position at Automattic, the company behind

A few weeks later, I accepted a full-time position with them.

Today was my first day as an employee, or as we call ourselves, my first day as an Automattician.

Do you know when you get that feeling in your gut that something is just, well, right?

I already know that this was the right move, even after just my first day.

In here I’ll have an opportunity to help people, work on projects (my passion), and be a part of WordPress, which is what powers over 25% of the entire internet.

I’m pumped, and I plan on sharing my thoughts and ideas here in this simple blog.

Here’s to a new chapter 🙂


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