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I’m Not Moving to San Francisco :)

Since I posted that I’m now working for Automattic, many have asked me if I’m moving to San Francisco, where Automattic’s main office is.

I’m not.

Automattic works with a 100% distributed team, which means I’ll be working from home. The same goes for other Automatticians who live in Hawaii, Japan, Iceland, South Africa, Bangladesh, etc.

Once a year the company holds a Grand Meetup, in which the entire team converges into one location for a week.  Besides that, smaller teams organize smaller meetups (my team is meeting up in Austin, TX this April).

It’s a new concept for me, but so far I’m loving it.

Since Amy and I homeschool our kids, the fact that I am not tethered to an office means that we are truly free to go places and spend time in new locations. I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

This also means that all I need to perform my work is a laptop with an Internet connection.  This segues well into my first focus word for 2016: Simplicity. I’ll be speaking more about that in future posts 🙂

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