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The Cloffice – Update March 2, 2016

This is a quick update on my last post, The Cloffice.

So the desk and chair are here!

This is a sit/stand desk, meaning you can either work sitting comfortably in your chair, or use the built-in motors to raise it so you can work standing up.

The desk is a Belair Activate Height Adjustable Table.

Here are some pictures:

I have found that I work mostly sitting down, and stand up when I’m in a meeting or talking to someone.

I’ve been working with this setup for 3 days and have had no back or shoulder pain.

Notice also the adjustable keyboard/mouse tray.  It’s all very cool.

freedomchairThe chair is a Humanscale Freedom chair, which Amy (my occupational therapist wife) has recommended to many of her clients.

I took this opportunity to also get a boom arm for my microphone, so I no longer need a floor stand for it.

I love it.

As you can see, I had to remove the bifold doors as they would not close with the desk inside.  It’s OK, we just bought some curtains and a curtain rod. That way, when we have visitors staying in the guest room I can just close the curtains and hide the desk.

I also removed the wire shelf that was there before, which left me with some holes in the wall.

The next step is to figure out what to do with the inside of the cloffice. We are talking about maybe adding a deep shelf that stays up above a few inches from the ceiling. I would put office supplies and other stuff up there.  I might also put up smaller shelves and a mirror on the wall. We shall see!

I would like to also add that both the chair and the desk were purchased by my employer, Automattic. I love how they value the comfort of their team as we work from our home offices around the world.

Thanks Automattic!

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