Project Management For You by Cesar Abeid

Thanks Gus for the great review!

Alex Gustafson

After reading Getting Things Done by David Allen, I was excited to get to work. With clarity about my system and tools, I made better Next Steps and forced myself to confront the things I could do and what I needed to defer or delegate.

But on some items, I found myself running in circles. Things big enough that a Next Step would be the planning and thinking about what would make a good next step.

What I needed was project management. The ability to break down big, ambitious tasks with multiple parts into a series of next steps.

GTD falls short on material of how to handle project management. Where David Allen left off, Cesar Abeid picks us up. Reading Project Management For You is like unlocking some hidden bonus chapters of GTD.

I came across this book because I’m lucky enough to call Cesar my friend and colleague. Before our recent team meetup…

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