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What classic book should I read this year?

Help me choose which book I should read 🙂

Please help!

I did not grow up in North America, and as a result, I have not read many of the classics books that everyone around me has read.

As part of my goals for 2017, I want to read a bunch of books, so I decided to read some of these.

Please help me pick the ones I absolutely must read:

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The Life of Pi is a fun, thought provoking book to read.

I also recommend Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. It is a satire about World War 2 and the phrase originated because of the book. There are times in the book when the satire seems over the top but as a whole it was an interesting read.

I’m a big fan of Charles Dickens so I have to recommend Great Expectations. Robinson Crusoe is a great classic story. If your looking for science fiction, I recommend Fahrenheit 451 and/or The Time Machine.

I’m a big fan of Jane Austen. It’s a deep and at the same time light read. 1984 is so terrible that I dread the memory of it. It’s an important read, but I don’t think it’s good to read now that we have so many bad news. It’s really depressing. Tolstoi is amazing, it’s a big MUST. I liked Anna Karienina better than War and Peace. Henry James is also fantastic, The Turn of the Screw is a fast read (it inspired a few terror movies). I read Moby Dick a few years ago, you need to be resolute, but it’s worthy it. Mellville has a short book that is a fun read: Bartleby, the scrivener.

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