Day 2: Automattic’s Grand Meetup 2018

See day 1 recap here.

Today the day started for me at 6 o’clock, when I did a modified version of Workout B. I spent some time in the gym then went for a 5K run around the neighbourhood. I remembered that I really don’t like running that much 🙂

After that it was time for breakfast, followed by the opening remarks by Automattic’s CEO Matt Mullenweg.

We then spent the rest of the morning and had lunch with our teams.


In the afternoon we all answered user questions for about an hour.


That was followed by a “Happy Hour” in which we hung out with the entire Happiness division (close to 300 people now).

After Happy Hour we took our annual company photo, which is always chaotic but lots of fun. Here are some ground shots:

Before dinner with my team I did a little FaceTime with the family back home, and it was great to see their faces.

Dinner was followed by some jamming in the music room as we started rehearsing for our performance at the closing party on Friday.

Image from iOS

Another great day at the Grand Meetup. Time for sleep and get ready for tomorrow.

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