Lest we forget

I was a member of the military for 13 years. I participated in countless Remembrance Day parades. I stood at attention under snowfall by the cenotaph, and honoured those who died to protect our freedom.

Yet nothing came close to bringing it home than this audio series by Dan Carlin. It’s called Blueprint for Armageddon and it analyzes in details the beginnings of World War I, the history, the unbelievable carnage of its battles, the humanity lost, and it really makes you think about the price that was paid.

I cannot recommend it enough.

The series is comprised by 6 episodes, and each episode is over 3 hours long, so prepare yourself.

Here’s the link to Dan Carlin’s website. You can also look it up in iTunes.

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I agree. That series was excellent. And it also makes you think about how terrible the strategies were. They just kept throwing men at machine gun positions until they got it or they ran out of men.

Also the men that were executed for shell shock. Very long times under bombardment and these guys broke and couldn’t go back on the line. That was a failure of duty and they were killed.

It was terrible.

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