A.I. Has Brought the Beatles Back

Things are starting to get real with AI.

First, let me share a link to a Paul McCartney song from 2013 that you may not be familiar with:

It’s a lovely tune, and in it you can hear Paul’s 71 year-old’s voice.

Now there’s a person out there who modelled Paul’s voice from the time of the Beatles using artificial intelligence. And they are now using Paul’s “young voice” to re-record some songs.

And now they did John Lennon’s as well.

So let me present you the same song, as sung by young Paul McCartney and featuring John Lennon:

Tell me this doesn’t sound like it could have been a Beatles song? Similar vibe to “Getting Better” or “Got To Get You Into My Life.”

This is just the beginning, folks. Enjoy the ride.

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